Petz Tucka

Petz Tucka Pet Foods is an Australian owned business based in Perth, Western Australia.

Petz Tucka was born from a collaboration of like-minded pet care industry professionals with a shared vision to create premium pet food at an affordable price.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, pet owners all across Australia struggled to source fresh, healthy pet food options for their beloved cats and dogs. Lockdowns and supply chain issues severely impacted pet food quality, freshness, and availability. 

Our team took immediate action to address this industry-wide issue. We combined our shared knowledge and experience to develop a range of premium pet food made from locally grown and sourced ingredients. 

At Petz Tucka, we are proud to support Australian jobs and West Aussie farming families. Local growers supply over 97% of our fresh ingredients, and 100% of our manufacturing and packaging takes place in Perth.  

At Petz Tucka, our focus is, and always will be, on pet health and wellbeing. Our all-natural pet food provides complete and balanced nutritional support for all breeds through every life stage. 

Every Petz Tucka product is packed with quality meat protein, rich in nutrients, and contains all the energy and goodness pets need to stay happy and healthy for life. 


"Our young Kelpie X Border Collie 'Cyril' is always on the go - chasing tennis balls, the kids, bugs, sprinklers – anything that moves really! He burns up A LOT of energy every day, so we are always on the hunt for nutritious food for him. Recently, we discovered Petz Tucka cooked rolls, and Cyril LOVES them! Cyril's black coat has never been shinier. People at the dog beach and park regularly comment on how healthy he looks - we always end up talking about your dog food!"

G Family & Cyril the Kelpie Floreat, WA

All-Natural Pet Food

It's not only the quality of the farm-fresh ingredients we put in our Tucka that's so important. It's also the nasties we promise to always leave out!
When you choose Petz Tucka all-natural pet food, you can be confident that there is nothing artificial inside. Ever!