Australian Owned & Made

Wholesome Natural Freshly Cooked and Raw Pet Food
Formulated For Optimal Health & Wellbeing.


Australia is a proud nation of dog lovers.

We Aussies have a lot in common with our furry mates.

We’re both friendly, fun, hardworking and loyal. We love the beach and just can’t get enough of ball sports.

Aussie friendships run deep, and we are the best at looking after our mates. So naturally, our furry mates can always depend on us too.

Look after your Best Mate with naturally delicious and nutritious Aussie Made Tucka.

Petz Tucka – Wholesome, healthy, cooked and raw pet food proudly made in Perth, Western Australia.


100% Natural

100% Natural
Complete & Balanced Nutrition


Quality Real Meat Protein
High Vitamins & Minerals

Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh Ingredients
Natural Antioxidants & Probiotics

Real Ingredients

No Artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives

Petz Tucka range of 100% natural real meat

Explore the Petz Tucka range of 100% natural real meat cooked rolls and frozen raw pet food. Learn more about Petz Tucka.

All-Natural Pet Food

Delicious & Nutritious Aussie Made Tucka For Your Best Mate

Petz Tucka is all-natural and packed with quality Australian meat, farm-fresh vegetables, vitamins, minerals and superfoods. Our wholesome, raw, and freshly cooked pet food delivers all the energy and balanced goodness your dog needs to thrive.

Australian Owned & Made

Petz Tucka

We Love Our Tucka!

Home Grown Tucka

How To Serve

"It's great to find Australian Made dog food that is top-quality and reasonably priced. Straight away, I could see the quality and freshness of the meat. It's good to know that I can trust what I read on the label. I always buy WA meat, fruit and veg for myself - now I have found Petz Tucka, I can buy it for my dog, Jock, too…."

Geoff & Jock the Jack Russell - Duncraig, WA

All-Natural Pet Food

It's not only the quality of the farm-fresh ingredients we put in our Tucka that's so important. It's also the nasties we promise to always leave out!
When you choose Petz Tucka all-natural pet food, you can be confident that there is nothing artificial inside. Ever!